Kylie May

Kylie May

Layla Faith

Layla Faith

Zoey Noelle

Zoey Noelle


Our baby boy, due March 16th.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Off We Go....

2 vans
4 kids (age 4 & under)
6 adults
2 iPads
21 hours
1,230 miles
Lots of activities for the kids!

I'm finishing work this morning. Bryan & Kylie are at mom's with everyone getting packed up! I'm hoping the kids are getting their energy out before our long drive.

Our goal it to make it to Jacksonville by Monday night.

I can't wait for this family vacation to begin.

I made this nifty thing (thanks Pintrest). A ribbon to hang across the van, showing how far we've gone. Should be a nice visual for the kids. we go!! I'm sure I'll post when we get back!

Wednesday, April 04, 2012

From Where I'm Standing

I see...

  • a friendly reminder & truth about our relationship.
  • a ribbon in memory of Layla Faith.
  • a tiny red heart sticker, given to me by Kylie May "because I love you". 
  • the strength I had while I was pregnant.

I feel...

  • that I am loved.
  • how much I have loved. 
  • heart ache.
  • like I'm missing a piece of my life. 
  • lucky to have a great husband & two daughters.