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Our baby boy, due March 16th.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

65 Years

Is it friday, yet? I know it's only Wednesday, but I'm ready for the weekend. It's been an exciting week.

On Monday, Bryan & I celebrated our 7 year anniversary! Woo hoo!
We didn't do anything special since we were working. Someday, we'll take a weekend off and venture somewhere marvelous...

On Tuesday, Kylie & I went to Tomah to visit my cousin and her family. We went with my mom, Sarah and all the kids. It was a three hour drive and it went pretty well. We had lunch there and went to the Tomah Aquatic Center. None of the kids napped, so they all crashed after we grabbed something to eat on the way home.

I have been so proud of Kylie lately. I feel like she has been behaving so well. We went to a party on Saturday where she was also amazing. I have just been impressed with her listening, her attitude and flexibility. I love it. Bryan & I are so blessed with our little princess! (All the kids are really good. I'm just bragging about my own because I can.)

*Now, I don't write this to get sympathy. It's just how I'm feeling.*

I wish I could be excited about babies again. It's like I have a bad taste in my mouth. I don't like it at all. I don't think I'm bitter or jealous. I just want that good feeling again when we talk about babies. My cousin is pregnant with a little boy (due in August). I feel like so much of the conversation was about babies/kids. I didn't feel like I could contribute to the conversation at all. I know I could. I have Kylie. But it's like, "Four years ago when I had Kylie..." or "When I was pregnant with Layla...". It's not current for me. I'm not in that situation. And I wish I was. I have a high-grade baby fever.

I feel like I've been robbed of that joy. The joy of pregnancy. The joy of finding out the gender. The joy of picking out clothes. The joy of thinking of names. I just want that again. I miss that overwhelming joy. I ache for that to come back someday. I pray that it will come back someday. That when we do get pregnant, I can be happy and joyful. That I can be filled with excitement and not fear. I have a lump in my throat, just thinking about it. 

Bryan and I are so blessed to have Kylie. When we were at the pool, there was a lady talking to us about all her kids. I don't expect others to think like me or to think of me when we have conversations like that. But Layla is all I can think of. I have two kids. do I say that. I typically just avoid that question. It hurts so bad. Again, I just don't join the conversation. Kylie & I went to get a treat instead. As we walked, I told Kylie how much I was missing Layla at the time. I said, "When everyone is talking about their brothers & sisters it makes me miss Layla.". Kylie responded, "I can make you happy, mom." Isn't that the truth? What a blessing to have her in our lives. We are so proud of who she is. She is compassionate and caring toward everyone. She is always concerned about others. We love that about her. She will be a great big sister/mom/aunt/grandma someday.

With all of that being said, I'm so happy to have Bryan in my life. He can make me laugh when I want to cry. We have been through so much in seven years. I've loved having him by my side through every minute of it. I feel like we've had so many interesting journey's. We've taken a few risks and trusted God through it all. It's been a fun seven years. One day, we'll be the couple in that picture. People will ask us how we've stayed together for 65 years.

Friday, June 22, 2012

High Five!

Happy Friday! The week has been good, but I'm still glad it's Friday! I'm feeling a little more refreshed today because I took yesterday off. It's been a while since I was just home for a full day, so I really enjoyed myself. We all got groceries at 9am (great time to shop), Kylie & I went to the mall afterwards. She wanted to look for some jean capris & high heels. We found the capris, but no heels. (That was hard for her to accept. We got home & she wanted to look online! How old is she?)

Here are my top five from the past week:

1. My parents, sister & I went to Milwaukee on Saturday for my cousins bridal shower. It was adorable. The decorations, cake, punch glasses, silverware. So glad we went. On the way home, we saw this beautiful rainbow. It looked like it was within reach.

2. Sunday was father's day. I worked til noon, Bryan worked at 1. So it wasn't all that exciting for us. Kylie & I went over to Gruse's for dinner & swimming.

3. Adam & Staci were in town on Tuesday. I had a meeting at 9, so we got up bright and early for breakfast. It's always fun to get together & catch up when we can.

4a. Well, I gave in to Pintrest. It's been there, on my phone for months & I just discovered how great it really is. I wouldn't say I'm addicted or anything. I was feeling inspired to try something new with my hair with all my extra time on my day off. It's nothing fancy like what I've seen on Pintrest. Pretty good for me, though. I've never been great at my own hair. (So nice to have it out of my face on a hot day!)

4b. I've discovered so many great recipes for my diet! This is some salsa I made last night.

5. Mornings with Kylie are so relaxed and fun. Although I'm at work, I got this pic from Bryan. He & Kylie went to his moms for 'coffee' & a short swim this morning.

We're planning another trip to the farmer's market tomorrow morning & a birthday party in the afternoon. No big plans for us. Enjoy your weekend!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Happy Belated Father's Day!

I recognize that everyone says their child's dad is 'the best'. That's because he's the best for their children. Bryan is the best dad for Kylie & Layla. He's funny when he should be funny. Strong when he needs to be strong. He's willing to do anything for his girls.

New Dad (Kylie 2008)

Strong & courageous Dad (Layla 2011)


Happy Father's Day, Bryan. Our lives wouldn't be the same without you. We love you!

Friday, June 15, 2012

High Five

High Five - it's Friday!

1. On Saturday we went to the farmer's market. We got lots of fruits & veggies. Kylie got a popsicle. 

2. Bryan's mom set up a pool in her backyard for Kylie. We spent Saturday & Sunday afternoon over there. It was so relaxing for me to just sit while she was entertained.

3. Sarah & Ben were in town this last week, so we met up for lunch. He is always smiley!

4. Bryan & I took an afternoon off to spend in Shawano. We went out on the boat for a picnic supper. Here, the kids are watching the ski show!

5. It was so peaceful on the water. I loved it. Wish we could go out there everyday!

Happy Friday, everyone! Enjoy another hot weekend!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Wisconsin Summer

I think I love living in Wisconsin. I only think it because I haven't lived anywhere else! But, what I like about it is this. Summertime is so refreshing. I can only guess that living in Florida would be summer all year long. But, it's not as special. If you have it all the time, it's not as exciting when it comes around.

These hot days have been so much fun. Making new memories with the family. Swimming at grandma's, popsicles at the farmer's market, boating with the cousins. It has been so lovely. I just keep thinking, we have a couple more months of it!

This months is nice for me, because I have a little bit of a break at work. It's more flexible this month than it will be in July/August. I'm taking advantage of that & taking extra days off to enjoy this hot weather.

And, I know I say this all the time, but I love Kylie! We were getting ready to leave for the farmer's market on Saturday and she was waiting on us. She had gotten dressed, brushed her hair & teeth, got her shoes on & packed her purse all on her own! It's just so easy to do things with her. I love it. I know she's a little spoiled, but that's what happens when she's the only one. Someday, she can spoil a little brother/sister with us.

Also, you may have noticed that the blog address is now It's about time I did that!

High Five for Friday tomorrow! Don't leave me hang'n.

Friday, June 08, 2012

High Five for Friday

Last weekend was my friend's funeral in Hudson. I saw a few friends from high school. We had the typical conversation of "What have you been doing since high school?". I heard how they lived in different countries and states in the last nine yeas. The careers they each have. It was interesting to me, that I was the only one of five girls that has a husband and children. It's easy to compare our lives. Although I would have loved to live in a different country or state, I feel blessed and proud to be where I am. Bryan & I have been married for seven years and have two kids. I'm happy with that. :)

High Five for Friday!

1. My friend's funeral was in Hudson, where my Grandparents live. I appreciate so many of the little things at their house. They have so many memories. I love this. (My Aunt Mary made this in the 70s.)
"Our family is a circle of strength and love. 
With every birth and every union, the circle grows. 
Every joy shared adds more love. 
Every crisis faced together makes the circle stronger." 

2. Em - This one's for you. I was taking silly pics with our nephews. 
Kylie (playing a sax), Me, Ben, Sam, Uncle Chad, Jack

3. Kylie has been practicing writing her name. She's getting pretty good!
4. I enjoyed my morning yesterday by watching Kylie dance around the driveway with her shadow. She's going to dance camp next week & I know she'll love it!

5. Summertime drinks from "Daddy Starbucks".

It's going to be HOT here this weekend. Our plans include a trip to the farmer's market & some fun with our slip 'n slide! Enjoy your weekend everyone!


Friday, June 01, 2012

Change Your Perspective

Remember in my last post, how I talked about those little details that I remember about the day Layla was born? They don't matter, at all. It's all about your perspective. The way you 'see' it. Perspective is the capacity to view things in their relative importance. It doesn't change anything physically but can make all the difference in your head. It's your mindset about a situation that is different when you change your perspective.

While going through my pregnancy with Layla, it was very much about my perspective. My mindset. My faith & hope. It's what kept me going. Looking at the big picture. Realizing the potential that my God can do miracles. It wasn't about the physical challenges. I needed to keep my perspective in check. Things could have gone very differently if I would have thought differently. I'm thankful that my family, friends and co-workers supported my optimistic and faithful perspective.

In high school & college, I had four close guy friends. Not boyfriends. Just very close meaningful friendships that mattered. One is now my husband. One is now my best friends husband. I recently reconnected with another via Facebook. I received a phone call about the fourth one yesterday. He died. (Why does it hurt so bad to say that word?) I have so many thoughts. It's sad that I haven't talked to so many of my high school friends in 9 years and now we're connecting. What an awful reason. I was pretty close with him through high school. I have so many good memories. His birthday was 2 days before mine. We went to Chuck E Cheese for our 14th birthday. We were teased for hanging out together. Everyone thought we liked each other, so we started telling people we were cousins. He bought me a souvenir from his family trip to Puerto Villarta. He was really good at drawing & drew me pictures all the time during school. We both played piano, so we'd always play when I went to his house. I have so many more memories. Those are the ones that stick out in my head. It makes me want to pull out my boxes to look at all of those memories. We didn't keep in touch after graduation. I was that person who only wrote on his Facebook wall on his birthday. In high school, he listened and he cared. I'm sure he was a great friend to a lot of people after graduation. I'll always remember his spiky hair & bright, big smile. He will be missed.

His passing changes my perspective again. It forces me to think about the relationships I have. Ones that have shaped my past. That have made me who I am today. Think about your perspective now, before a circumstance forces you to. Take a step back and look at the big picture.

In Memory of Ross Andress
~   1985 - 2012   ~