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Kylie May

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Layla Faith

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Our baby boy, due March 16th.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

A Good Day

This week has been great. Last weekend had the pleasure of filming the beautiful wedding of Ashley Thomas. Since we were in Milwaukee, Adam & Staci watched Kylie for the day & we got to hang out with them on Sunday. Kylie & I were exhausted by the end of the weekend!

Today was Kylie's first day of school. She LOVED it!!! In fact, she cried when school was over, because she wanted to stay. (I don't think she missed us.) 

After school, she took at nap at Grandma Gruse's so Bryan & I could go to our appointment for Layla. I was nervous. It was hard to wait for the Dr. (and we got there early, which was worse). 

**Every time I have an apt, the nurse asks "Anything concerns or questions that the Dr. should know about?". Really? I have to answer that every time? It gets old/frustrating. I don't know if the Dr. knows the diagnosis or not. He came in talking about everything as if nothing was wrong. But, he did know. Maybe a lesson to be learned.**

We heard Layla's heartbeat!!! I didn't ask what it was, but I heard it. Loud & clear :)

He did say that I am bigger than I should be, but that it is probably extra fluid. In my head, that's not great. Extra fluid = more pressure = pre-term labor. BUT, I'm holding on to the fact that we got to hear Layla! She isn't even born yet and she makes me smile when I think of her. 

Here are a few pics from Kylie's first day at school!

Daddy & Kylie May

Mommy & Kylie May


Bry said...

That's my favorite family.

grandma said...

Loving my little school girl! :)

Grandma "Sadie" :)

Christy O said...

Glad to hear you got to enjoy the day! And hear your wee one! God is good!