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Our baby boy, due March 16th.

Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Happy 100th Post!

I was about to post a little update from our appointment yesterday, until I realized it would be my 100th. So I made myself wait so it could be a good one. :)

I'll go backwards because that's how I remember things! My 16 week appointment was yesterday. It was another easy, good appointment. It's getting very close to Layla's birthday. I can feel myself becoming even more emotional, vulnerable, closer to tears with certain topics. Similar to how I felt a few months after Layla was born. I'm sure this is all just part of the process again. Being pregnant adds another level to it, I think.

 At our appointment I mentioned a few little things I'm feeling. Normal pregnancy things, back aches, growing body parts. It was very interesting when my Dr. asked if I noticed those things with Layla. To be honest, I didn't. I was physically comfortable throughout my pregnancy with Layla. Aside from sleeping bad (uncomfortable, crying or couldn't shut my brain off) I felt good physically. My Dr.'s response was 'maybe it's a good sign that you're uncomfortable". I'd have to agree. I don't mind having felt sick in the first couple months, or being uncomfortable now. If you want something bad enough, the physical discomfort doesn't bother you. In fact, I know this will change, but I don't think my baby's crying will get old. I can't wait. I will feel grateful every time I see my baby. I think my perspective is just going to be different. We'll see!

Our big ultrasound is next week Thursday! I keep calling it 'our big ultrasound'. Only because it's with Dr. Hayes. He'll do measurements & look closely at everything. Bryan and I will find out if it's a boy or girl! I am very very very anxious. I don't think I'm scared. I'm sure I will get a little more worried as the appointment approaches & I walk into that office again. I can't wait to see an ultrasound of a healthy baby. I have images of Layla's ultrasounds in my head. They are not bad and I love her little body. However, on the ultrasounds, everyone could see that she looked different. I want to see a 3D picture of this baby without swelling around it's head. Or short arms and legs. Or an inflamed umbilical cord. Or numbers that are weeks off of where they should be. I remember the best part of every ultrasound was seeing Layla's heart beating. Just knowing that it would beat longer in me than in the world. That we wouldn't hear or feel it much. We savored those moments. Thanks to a friend who went through the same situation, we have videos of her heartbeat. It's so lovely.

We'll be having a big family dinner on Thursday night after the ultrasound to tell them if it's a boy or girl. I'm sure we'll share it on the blog/Facebook shortly after. Thanks for your prayers in advance for our ultrasound & peace of mind before & during it.

Enough about Beanie! Kylie is so cute. She is going to be such a good big sister. Just like with Layla, she talks to Beanie every morning & night. When she says "Love you mom!", she adds "Love Beanie too!". The other day she informed Bryan and I that she will be calling Beanie, Beanie, after it's born. If it's a boy or girl. She likes Beanie. So it sounds like that might stick.

Two weekends ago, we had Kylie's Lorax party. It was perfect! She loved having her friends and cousins over to play and eat cake. I'll post some pics of everything at the end of this post. My friend Crimson, who has 3 little girls, was here for the whole weekend. It was so much fun. A little crazy, but a lot of fun. The weekend before that was Adam & Staci's wedding. The fun doesn't stop for our house!

 This weekend, Sarah & the boys are coming to hang out. We have a big church event on Sunday. All of our campuses (5) are getting together for one big 10:30 service at the Weidner Center in Green Bay. It's always tons of fun to have everyone together. Crim & the family will be in town, so I'm hoping we can do lunch. I have to work all morning. If you're interested in seeing what I do, watch the service live online! We usually broadcast from our East Green Bay campus, but decided to bring a couple cameras to the Weidner to still air it online. Check it out Sunday morning at 10:30.

Next weekend, my cousin is getting married in Minnesota. My sister and I are using it as a reason to get away! We'll go together on Saturday/Sunday. No kids or hubby's. The following weekend is Thanksgiving, then Layla's birthday, another wedding, Kylie's Christmas dance recital, another wedding, another of Kylie's Christmas shows, and then the new year!!! Where has this year gone? The next couple months will fly by. Come January when things slow down, I'll have to prepare for Beanie! I love this season. I don't mind that it's crazy. I kind of like it. :) Here are some pics! Enjoy.

The Wedding
1)Family pic before rehearsal 2)Kylie getting her make up done for the wedding 3)Showing her handsome daddy her hair 4)She thought Staci was so beautiful! 5)Pics outside before the ceremony. 

1)A pink rose in memory of Layla in Staci's boquet 2)Kylie, walking down the isle 3)The bride & groom 4)Me & Kylie after the ceremony. I was so proud of her!

 1)Walking out with Daddy 2)The kiddie cocktail we promised her 3)Dancing with daddy 4)Walking upstairs with daddy (she got really good at holding her dress up)

Kylie's Birthday
 1)Lorax tree decorations 2)Mustaches for the guests 3)Fruit kabobs 4)Goldfish, marshmallows, teddy grahams 5)Orange punch

 1) Her guests with their mustaches 2)Sylvia 3)Ben 4)The princesses

Girls Day Out
 1)Shopping 2)Olive Garden lunch 3)Getting their nails painted 4)Group pic

 1)Getting her hair washed 2)Cutting 3)Love the cut! 4) Happy to have twists & sparkles

 1)Lucky girls got to wear their halloween costumes to dance class 2)Painting a pumpkin for school 3)Trick or treating 4)Pic with mom 5)All done trick or treating


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