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Our baby boy, due March 16th.

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Ah, November

So it seems that anything monumental in my life happens in November. Check it out:

         I worked my last day at Sentry Insurance in Stevens Point. 
I went to M & I Bank for the next 3 years.    
Bryan and I made the decision to move to Green Bay for more opportunities and to be closer to family. How amazing to see what has happened since then. 
We had complete faith and trust that God would do wonderful things. 
It was a little risky, but sometimes it's worth the risk to see what God's plan is. 

Wow, 32 weeks. I often don't believe my own words when I read them. 
I had so much faith that God would show us a miracle. 
Fun to see these posts next to each other...

We shocked the Dr.s! That's always an amazing testimony to our faith in God. 
I remember that was the first time that the Dr. acknowledged that 
 our baby was a baby and asked her name.

What a difference a year makes! This post was right before our
 20 week ultrasound with 'Beanie'.

And we found out about our perfectly healthy 'rainbow baby', Zoey Noelle!

We put an offer in on this house on Layla's first birthday. We had no 
idea it would take as long as it did and we moved in 2 weeks 
before having Zoey. A fresh start. 

And fun it is to see what's happened in the past and be able to reflect on those events. The roller coaster of emotions through all of it. But seriously trusting God though every single one of those job changes, moves, and babies.

Seeing these Timehops helps me realize why November always feels like such a crazy month to me. I'm reflective and sentimental. The seasons change from fall to winter. We celebrate Thanksgiving and Christmas. The days get busy, but the moments are so meaningful with such good memories and traditions.

It's fitting to realize how my life is shifting November. As most of you know, we're expecting a little BOY in March! And last week I was given a promotion at work. Bryan and I are so so happy and give all of the praise to God. There are couple minor things they're monitoring with the baby, but as usual, we're trusting that it will all be okay.

So, I guess I'm writing this to say that God gives us more than we could ask or imagine. He knows what we need and when. His timing is perfect and He deserves all the praise for everything I've written in this post. The ups and the downs.

God uses it all and to Him be the Glory!

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