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Our baby boy, due March 16th.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

One month away!

Again, I'm so happy to be able to say that we had another great appointment! Mom is in Florida with my sister and newest niece, Lucienne! So, my sister Sarah came to take notes. It was special to have her there to see my cute little Layla and her beating heart :)  I saw our 'routine appointment' through her eyes today. There really is some routine to going in every tuesday for a heartbeat and every three weeks for an ultrasound. I think that will be missed after having Layla. I know most of the staff at both of my Dr. offices, to the point of them saying hi to us in the cafeteria!

Our ultrasonographer is such a sweet lady. At the end of our ultrasound with her, every time, she says we're in her prayers and gives me a hug. My ultrasound today wasn't as uncomfortable as the last one. It's just a long time to be on my back. But I'm distracted with tying to decipher the images on the screen, trying not to ask what it is too often. We got a great profile picture of her whole body today. It's so tiny! They said she's measuring at about 2 pounds, but again, they don't have a way to measure. (Her femurs are small and her head and abdomen are enlarged.)

Then we met with Layla's Dr. He said that the images today continue to confirm the diagnosis of her Lethal Skeletal Dysplasia. I asked about her lung tissue. He explained that yes, there is lung tissue, but it is not the functional lung tissue or the oxygen exchange area. Basically, it's not the part that you see on commercials for asthma inhalers that fills up with oxygen.

Bryan always asks the question of how we are progressing, as expected, faster, estimated delivery day, etc. We were both so pleased with the response. Probably more dramatic than it really was, he paused, looked at Layla's picture on his computer screen and said, "I'm amazed that the baby is doing so well". See, I was just waiting to hear him say that he never thought we'd make it this far. Even to carry Layla as long as we've been able to, is a miracle. Maybe that is our miracle. He continued to say that there is no definitive way to say what will happen & when. Then, he noted that we're trying to make it to December 16th & said that's sounds good to him. Oh, another thing that made me happy. Our Dr. asked if the baby has a name. I told him proudly, Layla Faith, and he wrote it down. I feel like that's the first time he's acknowledged that she's our baby, not just 'the baby'. 

We met with our geneticist again today. She's very good at stalking us when we're at the Dr. She always pops in to our apts or while we're waiting to meet with the next person. We've sent our consent forms to Mount Sinai. We had to give blood today and our ultrasound images were on there way. They'll start to study our case now and then get more details after Layla is born. 

Our appointment was done and while we were waiting to give our blood it dawned on us that tomorrow is the 16th! That's thrilling to me. We're only one month away from holding my little Layla. We can make it four more weeks. We've made it this far! We have a heartbeat next week, and another ultrasound on the 29th. I think this last month will go fast. 

One last thing, sorry this is long! I know I could probably summarize it better, but why start now? This phrase has been stuck in my head. It's part of a song that I used to LOVE to lead at church. It's the bridge of the song, all of the instruments stop, and I could just stand there and proclaim, 

"All of my life, in every season, 
You are still God. I have a reason to sing.
 I have a reason to worship."

A lot of you know exactly what I'm talking about :)

Praise God that we've made it to 32 weeks. Praise God that we will make it to December 16th. Please pray that through the next four busy weeks, I have time to think about Layla & enjoy her while she's still here. 

Thank you for your prayers! Today's appointment is proof that God is the best Dr. and He knows the plan!

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Marissa's Blog said...

Nancy, Thank you so much for this post...just got to read it tonight. Your faith and positive outlook is moving...I am sure that you experience such a broad scope of emotions. I love hearing updates on how baby Layla is doing. What a miracle!