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Saturday, July 21, 2012

"...too slow." High Five

Remember doing that! "Up high, down low, too slow." It's one of those things that works from kids to adults. Too funny.

Anyway...high five! Sorry my post is a day late. I need to start doing it like all the big bloggers and schedule it on Thursday to come out Friday morning. Maybe next week. This we was super busy for all of us. Bryan is still trying to feel better. It's been really rough for us financially, which creates some stress. It's a busy time for my work, too.

We had Fine Arts last week at our church. It's kind of like VBS, but the kids take artsy classes. Kylie was able to go this year and I taught a class with my co-worker. I'm not a huge fan of teaching a class of 11 twelve year old boys. In the words of one of the volunteers, "Serving isn't about doing what you want. It's about being used wherever you're needed." Well said. We all got through it. The video turned out cool. It was a ninja video. Props to Tim & Don who did a ton of work with the kids while I ran around getting pictures and footage for the highlight video. I finished the video just in time for the performance last night. Phew! 

How could I almost forget? On Tuesday, Staci drove through from Shawano. We met her at David's Bridal to try on flower girl dresses. Kylie LOVED it!!! She was so happy the whole time. I think she really enjoyed every second of it. Of course, her favorite part was the high heels (which she kept on the entire time). And, the 'twirl test'. She walked on the mini stage and had fun with all the mirrors. I think we found a dress, but we haven't ordered it yet. I should do that soon, since the wedding is in October.

 Here are my top 5 for this week!

1. We met up with Sarah & the family on Sunday at the Resch Aquatic Center. It was so hot, but a great start to the week! (It didn't feel like we were in Green Bay. I'm sure we'll go back again this summer. The kids loved the slides!)

2 Here's your sneak peek! This isn't the dress, but you can see how much fun she had in this picture. This one had the best twirl rating.
Silly fun with Auntie Staci.

3. Shooting the Ninja Film and being a part of Fine Arts. Over 450 kids, age 4 through 8th grade & 150 volunteers!

4. Kylie loves to run. So, she's been helping me get ready for another 5K. We have a fun app on my phone that she likes to use. It tells us when to walk/run. (Couch to 5K - same program I used in 2010, but now there's a nifty app.)

5. I love her. This was from Thursday night. I was exhausted and she was entertaining me. 

We really had a great busy week. Kylie was so good. I went out to eat a little too much just for convenience sake. Back to the normal schedule this week. Enjoy what's left of your weekend!

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NanaDiana said...

Sounds like you had a very busy week! I hope Bryan feels better soon. That is a scary illness and you remain tired for so long after it is out of your system. Sending up a prayer for him.

Love the twirly dresses, too. She will love her flower girl dress. Can't wait to see the one you get. blessings- Diana