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Our baby boy, due March 16th.

Monday, October 03, 2011

Still Expecting a Miracle

Well, I'm nervous. Tomorrow is our big appointment. I made it to 26 weeks! Yay! Almost to the third trimester. I've been having some cramping the last couple days. Nothing really bad, but different for me.

Please keep us in your prayers tomorrow. Our appointment is at 10 for an ultrasound, meeting with the Dr., and meeting with the NICU to discuss a care plan. Still praying for a miracle. Let's shock the Dr.'s!

Pray for:

-The fluid around Layla to decrease.
-The swelling to decrease.
-Layla's chest cavity to grow!
-Our peace & knowledge to make decisions.

Sunday was another exciting day at our church. Not only did almost everything go wrong for my job, but Pastor Mark had an interesting morning too. His wife is going through chemo treatments for cancer and it has been really rough. He spoke an 'impromptu' message. It was the "Be Real" part of our church. We are transparent. Life isn't always perfect! Here are two quotes from him:

"Whether good things or bad things happen, it doesn't mean jack squat, because I am serving God, and I'm trusting God and I know God is faithful."

"I would rather be in the middle of  a hurricane and know your love, than to be the richest man in the world, were everything's going perfect, and not know you."

Amen to that!!

I'll try to update tomorrow or Wednesday to let you know how our apt was. Expect a miracle :)


Trish said...

Agreeing in prayer with you! Love you guys:)

mom g. said...

You all (Kylie included) continue to amaze me with your love, strength and patience, and faithfulness. Love and prayers all around.